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Strain Number: 01XN9 
Common Strain Name: 68 T2/Onc (Sleeping Beauty) 
Strain Nomenclature: FVB;129-TgTn(sb-T2/Onc)68Dla/Nci 
Release Category (Required for MTA form): C1
Sample MTA for this strain
Strain Description: 68 T2/Onc mice carry Sleeping Beauty transposon concatemers on chromosome 15. Together with a strain expressing the Sleeping Beauty transposase, CAGGS-SB10 (MMHCC strain 01XN7), these mice can be used for unbiased, forward genetic screens for cancer genes in vivo.
Mutation Information  
  Mutation Type: Transgenic 
  Gene Name:
  Gene Symbol:
  Transgene Name: sleeping beauty transposon (mouse)
  Transgene Symbol: sb
  Promoter Name:  
  Promoter Symbol:  
  Current Genetic Background: FVB;129 
  Approx. Generation: 22 
  Organ Site : Various 
Cryopreservation Mating Scheme: FVB/N females x heterozygous males  
Genotyping Information: Protocol 1: Allele: TgTn(sb-T2/Onc)68Dla  
Donating Investigator:  David  Largaespada
Key Reference: Collier LA, Carlson CM, Ravimohan S, Dupuy AJ, Largaespada DA. Cancer gene discovery in solid tumours using transposon-based somatic mutagenesis in the mouse. Nature 436, 272-276, 2005. PMID: 16015333. [PubMED Abstract]
Sponsoring Institute: NIH-NCI, U01 (CA84221, Years 6-10), 2/15/03 - 3/31/09, NIH-NIDA, R01 (DA014764), 2/15/03 - 11/30/05  
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